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Ginger Root Extract


Extract of organic ginger root.

Amazing Zingiber officinale - a superfood with a spicy edge, ginger stimulates digestion by improving symptoms of dyspepsia and speeding gastric emptying, but it also benefits your overall energy levels.

Ginger is known to lower blood pressure in some people, reduce nausea and symptoms related to motion illness, it can reduce painful cramps related to the sacred mooncycle and has been known to reduce cholesterol levels, anti bacterial and cleansing.

 Simply add a few drops to your cup of tea ot take directly under the tongue.

Delicious ginger drops!

                                      M A G I C A L L Y 

Drink ginger tea or tonic to heat up your love life, take a sip and feel the heat - warmth coming from within and enabling feelings of love and confidence rise - add rose extract for a super strong self love experience.


*** Always follow your intuition, research the herbal extract you are purchasing and consider other medications you may be taking along with the advice of your health care professional***

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