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Black Goji Berry Extract


Black Goji Berry Extract

Tibetan medicine uses black goji or wolfberry to treat  heart disease, lowering cholesterol,reviving brain nerve, enhancing immune function, anti-aging, beauty. Treatment of irregular moon cycle, menopause and other aspects of the divine feminine with the effects being remarkable.

Our powerful extract provides an easy potent way to ingest the berries which are often eaten as cosmetics and anti-aging agents, so they are called “oral skin cosmetics”.

In addition, anthocyanins in the berries have many other effects, such as soothing the mind and sleeping, eye protection and resisting radiation.

Folk medicine created to nourish and strengthen the kidney and reduce blood pressure.

Black goji berry contains polysaccharides, carotene, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements such as zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium.

Lycium barbarum L. is rich in anthocyanins, and has the highest content of these known in nature - these are the most effective of the natural free radical scavengers.

It is known as the only “total nutrient food” on the earth today. It has the functions of nourishing the liver and eyes, invigorating the kidney, eliminating fatigue also tones and strengthens lungs.

A nourishing herbal additive that's beneficial to everyone, easy to use under the tongue for quick uptake, or make as a tea, add to your juice or water for a tasty tonic.

As well as all the dietary benefits this extract is a vibrant purple colour with a sweet berry flavour and can be used as a natural food colour and flavour in baking and most cooking.

Handmade in small batch using organic ingredients.


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