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Lavender Extract


Handmade in small batch

Lavender extract to purify the body and mind and spirit.

Since ancient times,  Lavender extract has been used to treat many different ailments, including:

Headache relief

Soothes menstrual cramping

A cure to insomnia

An antiseptic skin tonic

Improved heart health

Rich in zinc, potassium and magnesium

S P I R I T U A L L Y 

Using Lavender in your ritual or ceremony is a powerful way to show that you are growing stronger inwardly and that you are bringing in some of the more refined things into your world, inviting abundance, clarity and focus.

Lavender can be used specifically to show the devotion to loved ones who have passed using ancestral magic, enabling connection and communication between spirit and earthly worlds.

Make natural tonic lavender lemonade with just a couple of drops of this gorgeous extract, a refreshing and totally magical drink - perfect for ceremony.


100ml available on request

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