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Mullein and Rose Extract


Breathe and flow.

Lung Detox Tincture made with organic Mullein and Rose buds will clear lungs of tar, mucus and phlegm allowing clear breathing, naturally all day and night ��⚘

One of mullein’s most common uses is for treating respiratory and lung ailments, such as the common cold and asthma. The mullein flower is known to reduce inflammation and can soothe the respiratory tract, allowing the user to breathe easier. An ancient remedy for ear ache, for calm and relief.

Mullein is also able to drain and relieve membranes, whilst Rose enables movement and detox.


Mullein and Rose can accompany and intensify spell work and enable cleansing and self love to flourish, self acceptance and positivity to arise where negativity has been prevailing.

Handmade in small batch 


****Please trust your intuition and allow it to guide you in your choices of original plant remedy and allow your health care professional to provide advice**

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