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The Tower - Mary Magdalene


Mary 'The Tower' Magdalene is a symbol of super human power and impressive devotion and kindness. A goddess, a healer, a warrior and an equal to all, with none above and none below.

A unique and hand blended anointing oil, a bow to esteemed spiritual guides and connection, celebrating the plant knowledge of the ancient ones.

Purest spikenard/jatamansi root infused in organic olive oil, created with focus on healing of soul and regeneration of ancient memories held deep within each of us.

Spikenard infused olive oil can be used all over the body and will illuminate the mind.

This potent oil has been a known remedy to anxiety and depression and is helpful when applied before deepest meditation and is known to awaken every cell and enable re connection to the goddess or god within. 

Ritual, ceremony, spellcraft, meditation and connection.


*tested on humans*

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