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Awakening Oil


Smallbatch and handmade deluxe oil quartz infused - ritually galvanised

 S P I R I T U A L L Y

An exhilarant and an energizer 

Anoint your Throat Chakra - to encourage an openness to authentic voice and truth 

Apply to the Third Eye - Ignite the way to your own portal to the Celestial ...a truly magical fusion that allows ease into meditative journey and spiritual awakening.

Uplifting and Divine -The Opener to a journey to self  - the passkey to your soul and to remembering.

Use Awakening Oil as massage oil and feel the revitalising benefits and awaken each cell in your body, feel the tingle.

Be prepared, as some experience and recieve hyper real dreaming and information from spirit flowing more freely, open intuition and a more focussed path into lightness.

This magical oil blend Blue Lotus and more is a natural opener to mind, body and spirit -Handmade and whispered upon by a witch - for you

Presented in 100ml glass bottle infused with quartz crystal

For topical use only 18+

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