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Blue Lotus - Relax


Pure sacred Blue Lotus flower

Blue Lotus flower or Nymphaea Caerulea, most well known for its connection to Ancient Egypt with its properties for enhancing lucid dreaming ,opening the third eye and crown chakras and facilitating an openness to the divine ,to source, the golden channel to our connection to the Cosmos, the flower of intuition.


It is slightly less known that this magical plant is also known to calm, and its sedative properties can remove mild anxiety and can be used as a socialiser,


The Blue Lotus Flower has been highly respected as a holistic nootropic substance for centuries, with its ability to enhance and facilitate meditation and promote relaxation


Blue Lotus is also known to promote a better sex life, a potent aphrodisiac since ancient times, producing a sense of euphoria and bliss.


****Please trust your intuition and allow it to guide you in your choices of original plant remedy and allow your health care professional to provide advice**

***Not suitable for consumption by children and pregnant/breastfeeding humans**


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