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Golden Mystic - Tea Smoke


Blue Lotus, Calendula, Damiana and Lavender combined to create a delicious and smooth golden tea blend to relax and calm with potent intuition enhancing powers of Blue Lotus and psychic properties of Damiana combined sweet and subtle healing blend of Calendula and  Lavender.

Blue Lotus the flower of intuition and connection, a natural calmative and relaxant .

As part of this blend blue lotus will enhance psychic connection and awaken the third eye and crown chakras, as a key to our soul self - unlocked with plant magic, a gift from mother Gaia and a conduit to our past.

A powerful aphrodisiac, inciting romance and connection.

Magical Calendula invokes her sunny disposition no matter what the weather, this beautiful golden flower banishes negativity and opens our heart and mind - golden and heavenly. 

When taken as a tea calendula is a powerful anti inflammatory herb that greatly assists in digestion and may relieve symptoms of IBD.

Damiana has a long history associated with enhanced psychic ability that allows us to tune in and connect with spirit.It is well known for aphrodisiac powers, as the love herb and therefore a super power in love magic.

As a tea it eases stomach upset and reduces anxiety/ stress, it is a pain reliever and relaxant.

Lavender brings her peaceful delicate scent and flavour she cleanses and purifies, calms, reduces blood pressure assists in a good nights sleep with better recall of dreams.

This blend is also a smooth alternative to smoking tobacco - 100% organic ingredients

50g pkt

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