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The Winter Witch


***Small batch Handmade and Handpoured**


Let this little witch warm your chest and joints during the cooler months.

The Winter Witch  - A super potent potion hand made guradji infused hemp seed oil, neem, wintergreen and eucalyptus infused with purest of intentions and plant magic 

One of the powerful ingredients included in our Winter Witch is indigenous guradji a sacred plant and powerhouse that is well known to the First Nations People of terra australis, the wise elders keep the highly detailed health and medical values and spiritual knowledge of this native plant to this day, knowledge that has been meticulously passed down for thousands of years from generation to generation.- an anti inflammatory and magnificent healer.


Jam packed ancient botanicals combined in an intentional way containing anti inflammatory, anti bacterial herbs and oils and infused with magic.

The Winter Witch will heal and protect you all winter long!



A natural, pure, healing addition to any medicine chest- assists in clearing a blocked nose, soothes - giving relief and helps in clearing congestion .

Use for chest, underside of feet for best results and apply to painful joints for relief - Family safe 

Hemp seed , Neem , Guradji , Cats claw , Clove , Wintergreen , Star Anise and more

Amber glass jar 150ml


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