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Deep Sleep Salve / Flying Ointment 150ml


Do you want to have a deep, meditative, relaxing and activating sleep?


Deep Sleep Salve has been created with a blend of plant infused oil, traditionally hand crafted using Mugwort, Sacred Blue Lotus, Rose, Hawthorn, Valerian, Myrrh and others, faithfully following folk plant medicine and remedy recipes, this small batch salve has been infused with pagan ritual during preparation and each jar is topped with a small Tibetan quartz that has been spelled upon, for a magnificent sleep journey.


Deep Sleep will transport your sub conscious to where you truly want to be, whether that is -amongst the stars, or if you desire to be deep within... while your earthly body repairs itself. Rejuvenate mind, body and soul, by starting with a wonderful nights sleep.

Flying ointment- ***a curio *** a facilitator to astral travel and to lucid dreams 

150ml tin

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