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Seers Balsam 150ml


Our famous Seers Balsam in a larger size..

Seers Balsam is a magical solid oil that will transport you to another space and place in time - enabling a deep connection to the divine source that is within each of us - a tool for ease into meditation.

Wildcrafted mugwort/artemisia vulgaris and blue lotus/nymphaea caerulea infused oil and ancient plant extracts combine to create a sublime and  powerful solid perfumed oil featuring frankincense and myrrh,a tool for meditation ,divination ,ritual , conjure and ascension - Combining a powerhouse of herbs known to increase insight and lucidity ,raising awareness and consciousness

 Seers Balsam has been handcrafted in small batch, by a witch 

We use candelilla wax [a plant based wax] when creating all of our balms and salves - It's not just a animal free alternative to bees wax, it also doesn't  'build up' or clog the pores of your skin.

150ml tin

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