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Mugwort Tea/Smoke


Mugwort/Artemisia Vulgaris is a magical herb that is known as the universal prophet - it is a bridge to healing in the spiritual world and a potent tool in attaining lucid dreams and astral travel.

There is a strong connection  between the divine female and goddess Artemis-the Huntress protector of women and Mugwort which can provide relief before and during mooncycle 

A relaxant and calmative 

A natural, chemical free alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, a wildcrafted spin for your mix.

Magically Mugwort is frequently used to ward off evil spirits, to lighten a heavy or broken heart, used widely in spellcraft to encourage fertility.

***Mugwort is not suitable for consumption by either children or pregnant/breastfeeding human beings***

Grown and packed in Australia

50g packet

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