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Shakti Kali Tea Blend -The Goddess


Shakti Kali tea blend has been created especially for ritual and moon cycle. named for Kali and her powerful, strong - don't mess with me vibes.

Kali is the Hindu Goddess of Devi (death). she typifies rebirth, release, creativity, expression and fertility. Kali is a mirror of our soul and reminder of strength in love and compassion., a reconnection with inner power, signalling the rise of the divine Goddess. This energetic tea blend is crafted with Sacred Tulsi for rejuvenation of tissue and cells and promotion of respiratory health, Calendula for relief and restoration, Peppermint to relax and relieve pain, Blue Lotus/Lily to release anxiety and open up intuition, Butterfly Pea flower which is a powerful anti oxidant and immunity booster. Brew Shakti Kali tea blend, put your favourite sounds on,......let it go and rise up!

**Not suitable for children or pregnant/breastfeeding humans** 


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