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Witches Salt with Shungite


Black Witches Salt infused with shungite, is a super potent ritual tool and staple for many witches. It is a powerful ingredient and is used in protection spells, banishing, hex breaking, ritual and is an optimal tool for absorbing dark, unwanted energies.Shungite offers a greater connection to mother Gaia and can reduce EMF and protect precious ritual or home spaces.

This homemade blend has been made following a traditional recipe, is 100% organic and created and blessed in ritual by a witch.

Seraphic Sway Witches Salt contains no actual salt, but a blend of earth friendly herbs, ash and minerals, as actual salt causes harm to our mama earth - there is no compromise of magic and  our 'salt' is highly potent, effective and completely natural.

****Black Witches Salt is not a consumable product and is considered a curio by many****

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