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Reiki Healing or Light Language Activation


Light Language is a modality of divine channeling, of source and light. For the past 15 years, Malakai has been blessed with the ability to speak Light Language and codes and has chosen to share his amazing, healing gift with others.

We are all exquisite, magical beings, some of us are starseed beings, and it's not always easy to feel connected or a sense of belonging, Light Language activation allows us to reconnect with all that we carry deep within our DNA. to awaken and communicate with each cell and follicle in our earthly body. It has been known to alleviate anxiety, open blockages in our chakras, allowing us to answer our inner questions, and guiding us forward therefore granting us freedom ,openness and the ability to expand our consciousness and awaken us from deep within, illuminating our souls fully, and gaining the insight we all deserve and desire to rejuvenate our soul self in order to achieve an honest, genuine happiness.

Malakai is also a certified Reiki Master, and has been for many years . He has a profoundly compassionate heart and a deep, sacred connection to mother Gaia and our orphic cosmos. Light language activation is quantum energy and can be sent and received worldwide. Click to book your choice of a healing Reiki session or a unique 40 minute Light Language activation for yourself ,or as a gift , via video or Skype.When your booking has been received ,Malakai will contact you to arrange your session.... Blessings Beloveds

****each session also includes one oracle card reading -choose fromthe decks pictured  (value $22)***

Please tell us if you would like Reiki session or a Light Code Activation...not sure which? Ask Malachi ....also include any information you wish to share with Malachi, that may assist in your session- all information remains confidential

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