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Sailors Soul Tea/Smoke blend


Mugwort alongside wormwood have long been known as Sailors tobacco, as they were a common substitute for tea, tobacco and cannabis while on the high seas.

When combined magical mugwort, cleansing wormwood,calming valerian root and soothinng marshmallow leaf- these herbs have wonderful medicinal qualities, known to reduce anxiety and depression, they can be consumed as a tea to assist in digestion and can alleviate menstrual cramping by having a soothing effect on the nerves and can be used as a home remedy to restlessness, insomnia when coupled with an existing medical plan.

This otherworldly blend also has the most amazing magical qualities and can be used to facilitate an ease into a meditative state and has been known to allow the consumer to attain lucid dreaming, astral travel and gain lunar magic knowledge and clairvoyance.

Drink for a calming, earthy tea... smoke on its own, add as spin for a magical sensation, or soak in it and absorb the medicinal and magical qualities and journey with ancient remedy and reflection.

**This product is not suitable for children or pregnant and or nursing humans** 

50g pkt

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