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Blue Lotus Oil Serum


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Blue Lotus - Relax...infused oil drops,  a powerful and deluxe superfood serum for skin and hair and body adding nutrients and vitality with prolonged topical use resulting in a clear and bright complexion and lustrous, shiny hair.

Sacred Blue Lotus/Lily  or Nymphaea Caerulea most well known for its connection to ancient Egypt with its properties for enhancing lucid dreaming ,opening the third eye and crown chakras and facilitating an openness to the divine ,to source simply apply a drop or 2 to your third eye and allow deep meditation and flow into otherworldness.

Blue Lotus is known to promote a healthy sex life and has been used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times, producing a sense of euphoria, the Ancient Egyptians referred to this sacred flower as the flower of intuition and is also known to calm and may be used to relax those who suffer in social situations

Benefits of Blue Lotus are mild pain reliever relief from headache  and muscle relaxant and as a stress reliever, relief from mild anxiety.

Made with 100% food grade vegan and organic ingredients

Naturally infused plant oils drops with no added scent 

Crafted purely by a witch for you

**Not suitable for children or breastfeeding humans** 30ml glass dropper bottle .

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